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Restoring Proprioception After Limb Loss

What is proprioception and why are we interested in restoring it? 

Proprioception is the body's perception or awareness of its position, force and movement through space. It is essential for all tasks involving movement of the body and object manipulation from writing to playing sports. When an individual with limb loss uses a prosthesis, they must rely heavily on visual input to complete such tasks.

Restoring proprioception for individuals with limb loss would decrease their reliance on visual feedback, allowing them to complete tasks requiring higher levels of dexterity and care with more ease and even possibly blind.

How are we working towards this goal?

We are currently working to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of proprioception in the hand using Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) technologies. 

Team members leading this research

IMG-4680 (1)_edited.jpg

Jonah Mudge

John Wright

Roberto Peralta

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